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The Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers has published a report on Poland’s entry into the Euro zone – it analysed probable profits and losses related to the possibility of Poland joining the Monetary Union and replacing the zloty with the euro. As a result of this analysis, scepticism is recommended as to the plans for the rapid introduction of the single market currency.

Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers on Sunday trade in Europe: Polish regulations extremely restrictive

Free trade on Sunday rather than any restrictions is the standard in Europe, and Polish regulations in this area, in the target shape, are extremely restrictive – these are the most rudimentary conclusions from the report by the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers on trade on Sundays in Europe.

50 million inhabitants of Poland. Real actions, not just dreams

If Poland is to develop and build its position in Europe of a significant state, it must also be strong in the number of inhabitants. This is the main conclusion of the report of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers and the Warsaw Enterpise Institute. The authors wonder if in 30 years, Poland can be inhabited by up to 50 million people. About 11.5 million people more than today and more than 16 million more people than the demographic forecasts assume.

Decreasing support for trade ban

“The number of people supporting the Sunday trade ban fell in December by 3 percentage points compared to the results of the November survey and currently amounts to 28%. As many as 71% of Poles do not want politicians to tell them how to spend their weekends. The percentage of complete opponents of limiting trade on Sundays in the December wave is the same as in November – 39% of Poles do not accept this change in any form,” comments professor Dominika Maison. “Aggregated data from both waves show that the Act has more opponents among residents of small and largest cities.”

Positive Plusses, Negative Plusses – summary of Polish legislation 2018

In the ranking determining legal acts of the best quality adopted in 2018, the first place was taken by the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology Jadwiga Emilewicz. As part of the “Negative Plusses” platform, throughout the entire previous year, we assessed acts of law that became part of the Polish legal system. Each of our assessments was preceded by an analysis of a law in question in terms of its impact on the economy, functioning of the state or personal freedoms. The overall quality of our legislation is at a similar level as it was for 2017.

Energy prices threaten the competitiveness of the Polish economy – report by the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers

High electricity prices constitute a threat to our economy, and to avoid high price increases in the future, Poland needs a systemic plan for an energy transformation – according to the report by the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers published on 20th December 2018 under the title “Energy prices threaten the competitiveness of the Polish economy”.

Back to the Polish Social Insurance Institution

“A spectre is haunting Europe. A spectre of a bankrupt state-owned, pay-as-you-go pension system that has reigned for almost an entire century” is how José Piñera begins his book on social insurance.
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