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On 5th June 2019, a social campaign was launched under the title Well Governed Poland. This is yet another undertaking of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers, within which the demands are raised to improve the relations between officials and citizens and entrepreneurs as well as to increase the efficiency of administration.

Position of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers on the National Long-Term Financial Plan

Considering the significance of legal changes of very significant economic importance that were presented in the National Financial Plan for 2019-2022, the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers as a representative organisation of employers, expressing concern for the state of public finances, as well as the country’s stable economic growth, publishes the following position relating to key actions to be undertaken that were announced in the document.

The Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers appeals to Polish entrepreneurs regarding the Sunday elections to the European ...

This coming Sunday, May 26th, citizens of the European Union will elect their representatives to the European Parliament. This institution has a significant impact on legislation at the European level, including legislative solutions key from the entrepreneurs’ point of view. Several past years have taught us that defending the interests of Polish companies and consumers on the common European market requires arduous work of our representatives in Brussels.

The most dangerous version of the entrepreneur’s test is the action of the ministry without changing the law, on the b...

Warsaw, 20th May 2019   The most dangerous version of the entrepreneur’s test is the action of the ministry without changing the law, on the basis of a change in the interpretation of the law   Regardless of whether its introduction will be a legislative amendment or a change in the way the law is […]

Sudden treacherous changes in tax interpretations returning and taxes being calculated 5 years back? Is the Constitution...

Entrepreneurs from the HoReCa industry are experiencing problems that according to the government should not exist. Their non-existence was supposed to be guaranteed by the Constitution for Business and its provisions saying that “law is not retroactive”, as well as by the so-called “principle of legal certainty”. The problems concern VAT rates applied before 2016. That year, the Minister of Finance issued a general interpretation, according to which the sale of ready-to-eat dishes should be taxed at the appropriate for restaurant services rate of 8%, not 5% appropriate for delivery of ready meals and meals.

Experts debate the digital tax

On 26th April 2019, at Kafe Zielony Niedźwiedź, a meeting dedicated to the concept of digital tax was organised by the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers. Representatives of the digital industry and the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers, as well as Matthias Bauer, an expert of the European Centre for International Political Economy, the author of the report “Digital Companies and Their Fair Share of Taxes: Myths and Misconceptions” participated in the Round Table debate.

The Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers presents a substantive education system reform proposal to the Social Dialogue ...

In the face of recent discussions and negotiations centred around the teachers’ strike, conducted among others amongst social partners whose representatives sit on the Social Dialogue Council, the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers reminds the public opinion of its publication under the title “School for life. Who will pay for our pensions?”. Since the Union perceives the education system as one of the key elements of the future of the state and the economy, we prepared a comprehensive program of reforms aimed at bringing pupils and parents back to their central role in the system.
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