Why is it worth to be a ZPP Member?

Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers ensures its Members with protection against abuses of authorities and helps them in their business development. We initiate and support all actions toward elimination from Polish legislation of business activity limitations which go beyond EU requirements.

We offer variety of benefits for our Members:


The protection includes:

  • interventions in case of unjustified repressions of state, government or local authorities bodies;
  • participation as a party in court and administrative litigations;
  • assistance, counselling, and coordination of the defence/case of the Member, led by the Intervention Office of ZPP in local, domestic or European institutions.


The package includes:

  • possibility of taking part in networking meetings and workshops, in debates and lectures (within ZPP structures);
  • special offers, discounts and deductions in the Good Business Office Program;
  • possibility of participation in the Good Business Office Program as an offerer on preferential conditions;
  • possibility of placing offers on the ZPP website. Offers are also distributed via newsletter which appears every two weeks;
  • possibility of expert-led marketing on preferential conditions. Doing workshops, possibility of placing expert articles on the WEI (foundation of ZPP) website;
  • informational materials of ZPP – early notification about changes in law, reports, analyses, newsletter.


The package includes:

  • ZPP alerts – quick notification about important changes in law and threats for entrepreneurs. Alerts are provided by the Intervention Office of ZPP;
  • ZPP Newsletter (every two weeks);
  • access to legislative projects of the Government at early stage of works and proceedings. Access to Regulatory Impact Assessment prepared by the Legislation Office of ZPP;
  • reports, handbooks, elaborates (including Entrepreneurs’ Rights Catalogue);
  • regular information about grants and European founds;
  • free-of-charge consultations and information in the institutions of ZPP.

Join us!

The membership fee depends on the numer of employees:

Micro-companies: up to 9 employees 62,50 zł month
Small companies: 10-49 employees 125 zł month
Medium companies: 50-250 employees 250 zł month
Membership fees are paid annually